So Long, Snoring!

Doctors estimate 936 million adults aged 30-69 snore or have mild sleep apnea, a condition in which your tongue collapses backwards in your throat and blocks your breathing. If you snore or share a bedroom with someone who does, a new device just approved by the FDA is big news.

eXcite, made by Signifier Medical Technologies, stimulates the tongue instead of the nose. You wear it when you're awake. The device sends pulses through 4 electrodes to your tongue, training it to stay in place when you go to bed. The company tested its device on 155 patients, and found eXCite reduced snoring by 20℅ in 87 of those patients.

Some reported excessive saliva, tongue or tooth pain, gagging, and a metallic taste. But researchers say the positive effects could ward off chronic diseases linked to sleep apnea, including diabetes, glaucoma, even cancer.

Your doctor must prescribe eXcite, and you'll need a complete dental exam before you wear the device. For the first 6 weeks, it's worn 20 minutes a day, then you shift to once a week. It should also be noted that eXcite is not effective for people with severe sleep apnea.

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