Sleeping on a "Smart" Mattress

It’s clear that a good night’s sleep does wonders for your health. Now, researchers believe your bed can do more than just give you a place to get some rest. It might be converted into a powerful diagnostic tool, that detects heart disease before you have any symptoms.

Engineers at Concordia University in Canada have partnered with industrial partners to design a new electrocardiogram, or EEG, that can be integrated into beds, chairs and other everyday objects. Right now, doctors have to attach electrodes to specific places on the chest to measure your heart performance. And while many of you do wear gadgets that monitor your heart rhythm, that data doesn’t really give an accurate account of your cardiac activity. That’s why engineers are creating this new EEG. It measures your cardiac signs by skin sensors, that can read right through several layers of clothing. Researchers hope to embed those sensors in mattresses, allowing doctors to get pinpoint information about your heart 24/7.

In addition, the sensors will be cheap and used remotely, invaluable for bedridden patients and those with limited mobility. Any telemedicine upgrade could also be applied to breathing, temperature, and sleep trackers, revealing patterns which may alert that you have a virus.

More than 30 million Americans have heart disease. It causes 1 in 4 deaths. A “smart” bed just might help you stay alive, and take action that prolongs your lifeall with your eyes closed.

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