Neuropathy Breakthrough

Speaking as a long-time diabetic, I am well aware of the numb and tingling feelings in my feet and hands, known as neuropathy. At its worst, neuropathy, which affect 4 million Americans, is so debilitating that people can’t walk or drive. Traditional treatments, massage, and risky medications like opioids often do very little to restore full sensation to nerves, which are damaged by years of fluctuating blood sugar. Now, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a new device that may finally bring true relief from neuropathy.

Made by Nevro, Senza stimulates the spinal cord. Doctors implant the small, rechargeable-battery powered square under your skin near your spine. It sends regular pulses at intervals you control, yet it doesn't interfere with your body's normal functions. High-frequency pulses calm the damaged nerves and reduce pain signals sent to your brain. It’s drug free, and in a year- long study of 216 patients, 177 said they had less pain within 6 months. In fact, several patients in the study told their doctors they could feel their feet again, a sensation many had not felt in years.

As it stands now, the procedure to install the implant, which is designed to last 10 years, may cost between $7-10,000. However, private insurers are saying they may pick up 20% of the cost. Doctors say they can easily remove Senza if it isn’t working right, or is no longer needed. Nevro plans to begin the selling the device immediately.

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