Turn Over a New Leaf

The Chinese and Japanese have used green tea for medicinal purposes for centuries. For good reason. There is plenty of scientific research that shows drinking green tea lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, fights coronary inflammation, ensures healthy teeth, and helps … Read More

Get on Your Feet!

New research shows a key link between walking and dementia, and reveals that a certain kind of walking is the best way to stay healthy as you age. Turns out it’s not so much how far you go, as why … Read More

Sock it to Me?

Most of the treatments for Parkinson’s are powerful pills designed to stop the tremors, and restore a stable gait. Many with Parkinson’s say they feel like their feet are stuck to the floor when they try to walk. Falls are … Read More

Are You Getting Appropriate Medication?

Did you know? More than 1/3 of older Americans are prescribed drugs they may not need. University of Buffalo researchers also found that these patients are prescribed twice as many drugs as needed, and are nearly twice as likely to … Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to our website! We are a resource, and a guide. You are not alone in this venture of care giving. Take a tour and begin to realize why we are passionate about seniors, what services we offer and how … Read More