Neuropathy Breakthrough

Speaking as a long-time diabetic, I am well aware of the numb and tingling feelings in my feet and hands, known as neuropathy. At its worst, neuropathy, which affect 4 million Americans, is so debilitating that people can’t walk or … Read More


There is new information in the ongoing controversy swirling around a new drug many hope is an effective treatment for  Alzheimer's disease. Doctors at three prestigious hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic, Mt. Siani Health System and Providence, have decided they won't give … Read More


July 13th, 2021 Does your husband, brother, or father go to the doctor? If you answered “no”, new research that backs up your observation. AFLAC surveyed 1,000 men aged 18 and up and found 45% hadn’t visited their doctor for … Read More

Sleeping on a "Smart" Mattress

It’s clear that a good night’s sleep does wonders for your health. Now, researchers believe your bed can do more than just give you a place to get some rest. It might be converted into a powerful diagnostic tool, that … Read More

Aduhelm Update

2 weeks ago, I told you here about FDA approval of a controversial, new drug to treat mild Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors have now administered Aduhelm , by infusion, to a handful of patients, including one from the Cleveland Clinic. The … Read More