Play Video Games, Remember Better!

If you don’t know Luigi, Princess Peach, Red or Chuck, time to make some new virtual friends. If you already play ‘Super Mario Brothers” or “Angry Birds,” keep it up! Turns out, both games are really good for aging brains. … Read More

Goodbye Ugly Legs!

2 in 3 men and women suffer from a vein disorder like varicose veins. No one likes the look of those blue clumps and bulges that happen when the valves inside the veins that keep blood flowing from the heart … Read More

Pollution for Life?

There’s no question air pollution is a public health issue. Most of us live near cities where emissions from cars and smokestacks damage our air and our lungs and hearts. Globally, the World Health Organization estimates 9 in 10 of … Read More

Endometriosis: The Key to Regeneration?

Endometriosis strikes 1 in 10 women. It’s extremely painful, and the leading cause of hysterectomies for women in their 30’s. But a bioengineer who gained fame for growing an ear on the back of a mouse believes curing endometriosis could … Read More

The Music of the Night!

Bedtime lullabies often work wonders for sleepy babies. Now, there’s evidence millions of older folks who struggle to get to sleep could enjoy better sleep quality if they listen to music at bedtime. Researchers from National Cheng Kung University Hospital … Read More