Set Up to Fall

Numbers don’t lie. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related death for people aged 65 and up. Now comes new research that reveals 9 in 10 seniors may be at risk for falling because they take medications designed to limit … Read More

Skin Swab Finds Parkinson's

It may now be possible to use painless, rapid, non-invasive, and affordable swab to diagnose and monitor progression of Parkinson's Disease Research by University of Manchester/Michael J. Fox Foundation; involved 200 participants 85% accurate Swabbed back skin, analyzed compounds; found … Read More

Stop & Grow the Roses!

New worldwide research: Tracked benefits of "leisure-time physical activities" like gardening. Studied 90,000 people over 11 years 10-59 minutes a week yielded 18% lower risk of death 150-299 minutes a week yielded 31% lower risk of death Helps control weight, … Read More

Sneaky Sodium

It’s very clear eating too much salt is bad for you. 9 in 10 Americans consume more than the recommended amount of 1 teaspoon a day. In fact, the American Heart Association found typical Americans consume more than twice that … Read More

Hidden, High Blood Pressure

European research on middle-aged women, aged 40 and up High blood pressure "written off" by doctors & women as menopausal symptoms, or "stress" Onset of menopause often coincides with higher BP Similar symptoms include: Hot flashes, insomnia, chest pain, irregular … Read More