"Wellness" Coffee & Tea Brewing

Developed at the National University of Singapore Probiotic rich to boost digestive health 1 billion units of live probiotics in a single serving Tea ferments for 2 days, coffee ferments for 1 day while being refrigerated Can then be stored … Read More

You Call That a Workout? Yes!

4 seconds of exercise improves fitness, strength, and general physical performance. University of Texas in Austin research: 39 men & women, aged 50-68 Technique known as "HIIT": High Intensity Interval Training (on stationary bikes) Quick spurts of exercise followed by … Read More

Stunning Arthritis

New technique developed by Emory University School of Medicine Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation or c-RFA Needles placed near main sensory nerves in hips and shoulders Needles carry low-grade current: slows transmission of pain signals to the brain 23 patients treated with … Read More

Not Just a Hearing Aid

Johns Hopkins develops new hearing aid: Contains artificial intelligence, Bluetooth, fitness tracker, and fall detection systems Customize settings with your smartphone Devices automatically adjust to sounds and can "learn" voices Smaller, lighter, less visible, and resemble wireless earbuds with 360 … Read More