Get [Low Fat] Milk

New research at BYU shows drinking nonfat and 1% milk slows biological aging better than drinking 2% milk. For every 1% increase in milk fat, biological aging increased 4.5 years: chromosome "clock" affected 5834 men and women studied Research supports … Read More

Prescription: Nature!

New "green therapy" in British Columbia, Canada, the UK, and Finland, derived from Japanese method of "Forest Bathing." Doctors actually write scripts for patients to get outside for 30 minutes at a time, 4 times a week. Conditions targeted: High … Read More

Late payments, Low Credit Scores: Predict Dementia?

New findings from Johns Hopkins: analyzed Consumer Credit Reports, track credit cards and loans for 19 years 81,000 Medicare beneficiaries with Alzheimer's diagnosis. Late payments showed up 6 years before dementia diagnosis. Subprime Credit Scores (under 620) showed up 2.5 … Read More

Starving Cancer?

Did you know more than 1,600 people die from cancer every day? It’s no wonder researchers are trying to find a cure. Now, a team from Belgium may have discovered a way to “starve” cancer cells by using an antidepressant … Read More